Some of my projects

Project | 01

Project | 01 Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights 2018

In this feature for My South Florida Today, travel with Nile to Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights 2018 where he comes across all kinds of ghouls, ghost, witches, devils, horror characters, and more.

Project | 02

Project | 02  Tate's Comics Not at Comic Con 2018

My feature on Tate's Comics Not at Comic Con 2018 event. The event covers comics, cosplay competitions, pop culture, and family fun.

Project | 03

Project | 03 FAU Theatre Lab

 The multi-winning Theatre Lab at Florida Atlantic University (FAU) is the professional theatre department at FAU. It gives the opportunity for theatre-goers, students, and artist to mix-and-mingle. Take a look to see FAU Theatre Lab: From Rehearsal to Showtime over at BocaWatch. 

Project | 04

Project | 04 Invasion of Invasive Plants

 The Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge is helping to remove invasive plant species that pose a threat to local wildlife. These invasive plant species grow rapidly and according to a South Florida Water Managment worker, "These plants are more dangerous than pythons." Take a look at BocaWatch to see how these plants are changing our ecosystem and what you can do to help. 

Project | 05

Project | 05 FAU The Glocal 

 The Glocal: From Florida to Further Afield is over at and the stories come from the students over at Florida Atlantic University. The page is set up by TIME Magazine writer, author, and FAU professor, Ilene Prusher. On this page, I discuss the new mega-development headed towards the Sawgrass Mills Mall in Broward County, FL. and why not everyone is happy about the new development.

Project | 06

Project | 06 Interview With Graham Verchere

 Actor Graham Verchere is known for his role as Davey Armstrong in the horror film, 'Summer of '84' and he is also known for being on FX's 'Fargo' and ABC's 'The Good Doctor'. In this interview for Cinephellas, Verchere and I discuss 'Summer of '84', working on film sets, and more. You can also find my review of the film and I'm also a contributor to the podcast. 

Project | 07

Project | 07 Interview With Local Actor Kechler Polycarpe 2016

 Local actor Kechler Polycarpe has been both a stage performer and a in-front of the camera performer. Polycarpe has also been featured on the hit HBO show 'Baller's'. This is my 2016 interview with the actor for Independent Streak Magazine and whether it's on stage on in front of a camera, Polycarpe is making his mark. 

Project | 08

Project | 08 Top 10 Clown Characters to Get You Ready for 2017's 'IT"

Float on over to We Live Entertainment to see my list-based article on some of the creepiest clown characters in pop culture.  

Project | 09

Project | 09 'Gerald's Game' Movie Review


'50 Shades of Grey' Stephen King style. This is one of my movie reviews for We Live Entertainment of Netflix's 'Gerald's Game', which is based on Stephen King's novel. 

Project | 10

Project | 10 'Detroit' Movie Review


In this film review for We Live Entertainment, I discuss Kathryn Bigelow film, 'Detroit'. A film that shows the summer of 1967 and how rioting and civil unrest starts to tear apart the city of Detroit.

Project | 11

Project | 11 'Wonder Woman' Movie Review (Cinephellas)


Finally, a movie about the iconic DC Comics character, Wonder Woman has hit the big screen. A character that finally has her own big feature movie, a movie 75 years in the making. Check out Cinephellas for my full review on the film and why it's one of the best comic book films in recent years.  

Project | 12

Project | 12 My video on the Highest-Grossing Movies of 2017 (Cinephellas)


 In this video for the Cinephellas website and YouTube channel, I edited and put this video together to take a look at the highest-grossing films of 2017. Some of the films include, 'Get Out', 'Wonder Woman', and 'Logan'. 

Project | 13

Project | 13 CGI Movie Characters  (Cinephellas)


 In this video for the Cinephellas, I share some of the best and some of my favorite CGI characters from Live-Action films from the past few decades. The list includes characters from 'Planet of the Apes', 'Lord of The Rings', 'Star Wars', and 'Beauty and The Beast'.

Project | 14

Project | 14 Marvel Studios Celebrates 10 Years of Their Cinematic Universe With These Character Posters  (ComicAttack)


 Marvel Studios really knows how to celebrate an anniversary and 10 years of record-breaking films are something to celebrate.